Is gas in my street?

If you would like to know if your street has gas or what metering pressure is available for your property, the excel spreadsheet below will be able to assist.  Please note that this document is a guide only as our network is continuously being updated and improved.


Please follow the instructions below to find out if gas is in your street


  1. open the excel spreadsheet and search for your street and suburb.
  2. Identify the Gas Pressure available:


Type Pressure Definition Metering Pressure Available
L Low Pressure 1.1kPa
M Medium Pressure 1.1kPa
H High Pressure 1.1kPa, 2.75kPa or Higher (by approval)
X Varying Please go to step 3


  1. If you are on a corner block or have a street marked as varying pressure please contact our Service Provider, Comdain,  on (03)9535-8300.  Our Receptionist will request your contact details (name, phone number and email address) and the site address in question and will arrange for the relevant person to contact you within 2 business days to provide your with pressure information.