Is gas in my street?

The excel spreadsheets below provide a full list of streets in the Multinet Gas network area. If you want to find out if a property inside the Multinet Gas boundary has access to gas, download the spreadsheet and search for your street and postcode.

You can also see the supplied Gas Pressure located on the streets within the network.

Gas Pressure indicators:

L Low Pressure
M Medium Pressure
H High Pressure
X Varying Pressure

Please note: Low and Medium only allow for 1.1 kPa and only High provides 2.75 kPa or higher. These pressures indicate what will be available at the outlet of the gas meter.

For streets marked as Varying Pressure (X) or if you are enquiring about a corner block, please register and log in on the Dial Before You Dig website and choose your specific location. Your Dial Before You Dig web enquiry will supply a sequence number with your maps, when it is sent to your e-mail address. Please phone the Service Provider on the phone numbers supplied below, quoting your sequence number, who will then be able to supply you with further detail information.

Comdain: (03) 9535 8326

Disclaimer: The Gas Pressure document is intended as a guide only as the network is constantly being updated.