The Eternal Flame within Melbourne’s iconic Shrine of Remembrance will burn as bright as ever for
another 65 years following a committed overhaul of the symbol just completed by three Victorian

Multinet Gas Networks – a leading Victorian gas distributor – has joined forces with Melbourne’s RMIT
University and Clifton Hill-based Dant Industries Limited to re-build the Eternal Flame burner and
replace other necessary components.

Multinet Gas is part of the national Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) which made the urgent
call for the extended life of the gas-fired Flame to be assured by the manufacture and installation of a
new burner.

AGIG’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ben Wilson, said that after more than 65 years of continuous
operation since being commissioned in Melbourne in 1954 by Queen Elizabeth II, the burner
component of the Eternal Flame was seen to be seriously deteriorated.

“For fear of the Flame extinguishing, we set about working closely with personnel from the RMIT and
Dant Industries to design and produce a new burner as close as possible to the original design and
appearance,” Mr Wilson said.

“We are all very proud of the completed overhaul which will see the Eternal Flame burn 24/7 for
another 65 years and continue this perpetual remembrance of the heroism of those who gave their
lives during the years of the Second World War,” he said.

Multinet Gas Contract Support Manager, Mr Steve Walton, said the Eternal Flame held a special place
within Multinet Gas and its people and the company’s long association within the Shrine of
Remembrance complex.

“We therefore got straight down to business as soon as we heard of the looming problems with the
Flame’s burner and associated components,” he said.

“Our sincere thanks to the availability and promptness of RMIT University’s Paul Spithill and Dant
Industries’ Malcolm Ashworth and their respective teams in turning around and completing the delicate
overhaul exercise in such a short time.

The three companies basically had to start from scratch by tracking down the company that built the
Flame’s original bowl and burner, signing a new Memorandum of Understanding with the Shrine, and
arranging a time when they could get crews on site to do the works.

Dant Industries, the company responsible for supplying parts, including the bowl and the burner, since
the 1970s, took 3D imagery and moulds during a strip down, leading to the eventual outcome of the
RMIT manufacturing the new burner head this month.

Mr Walton said that with the successful refurbishment work now behind them and the Flame burning
brightly, the regular maintenance of the assets will continue to be faithfully maintained by Multinet Gas

About AGIG

Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) owns and operates one of Australia’s largest gas
infrastructure businesses with operations across every mainland state and the Northern Territory
supplying approximately 2 million customers. Operations include 40,000km of distribution and
transmission gas pipelines, 57 petajoules of gas storage capacity, gas processing facilities and remote
power generation.

AGIG’s vision is to be the leading gas infrastructure business in Australia – by delivering for customers,
being a good employer, and being sustainably cost efficient.

AGIG has a strong record of performance, delivering over $2 billion worth of projects on time, on
budget and with safety a priority. A recent example of major project success is the new Tanami
natural gas pipeline, built on budget in the Northern Territory for Newmont Goldcorp and
commissioned earlier this year ahead of schedule.

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