Highett Improvements

Multinet Gas is undertaking a reconfiguration of its network in the Highett area. This project will involve the construction of approximately 400m of transmission pressure pipeline in the service road of Nepean Hwy and new pressure regulating facilities in Sir William Fry Reserve, which supplies up to 100,000 customers.

Construction began in February 2016 and will continue to late 2017. Residents affected by the works will be notified as the works approach the vicinity of their property. The works are not expected to interrupt gas supply. All excavations will be reinstated to as near as possible to the original condition.

There will be some disruption experienced by users of Sir William Fry Reserve. Multinet Gas is currently working with Kingston Council to keep these disruptions to a minimum.

For further enquiries please contact our Service Desk on 1300 887 501 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm)