Warburton extension project

Multinet Gas is extending the gas network to Warburton in the Yarra Ranges, which is being funded by the Victorian Government.

The Warburton Extension Project, valued at approximately $12 million, involves extending the existing gas network from Millgrove to Warburton and reticulation of the majority of the Warburton township. Construction works began in mid 2015 to install approximately 29km of new polyethylene mains. These works are complete and customers are now being connected.

Please note that all incentive rebates are now closed (November 2019)

Click here to view the map of the new gas mains.

The Warburton Project follows the roll out of natural gas to nine towns in the Yarra Ranges in 2005 which has seen more than 4,300 customers connect to natural gas in the region. This represents a penetration rate of over 60% of households and businesses converting to natural gas.

The majority of the pipe will be installed through boring. This method reduces the number of excavations, making for a more efficient construction process and minimises damage to the area. Where boring cannot be utilised a method known as open cut will be used. This involves the excavation of a trench in which the new pipe will be laid. All excavations will be reinstated as near as possible to their original condition.

Multinet Gas has worked closely with the local Council and other authorities to ensure minimal impact to the community. During the works there will be some traffic disruption and road closures, for which affected residents will be notified before they commence.

Connections to natural gas are now available to Warburton residents.

We encourage Warburton residents interested in connecting to natural gas  to request a connection as soon as possible through your energy retailer.

 There are just four easy steps to connect to natural gas

  1. Check the Planned Gas Mains Map to see if natural gas is available in your street and location
  2. Apply to an energy retailer for a gas service and retailer supply contract (there are a number of current gas retailers – refer to yourchoice.vic.gov.au for up to date retailers for Warburton.) Your energy retailer will coordinate with Multinet Gas to install the gas service to your property
  3. You will need to arrange a gas fitter to assess the proposed gas appliances and installation of fitting lines in your property. Your gas fitter will then coordinate with your energy retailer to arrange for the installation of the meter and arrange final connection
  4. Incentive rebates from Multinet Gas Networks have now been closed.

What is a gas service?

A gas service is a pipe that runs from the gas main in the street to the gas meter on your property. They will be installed in accordance with the relevant gas standards.

Who can connect to natural gas?

If gas mains are installed and operating in your street you will be able to arrange a gas connection via a licensed gas retailer. The map shows which streets are planned to have natural gas.

What will it cost me to connect?

Each application will be assessed by Multinet Gas in accordance with the Gas Distribution Code. The assessment considers the cost to provide a gas service, the appliances connected and gas usage. The costs, if any, will be provided via your retailer. Please note that some retailers may have a connection charge.

Can I connect to gas if mains are not passing my property?

You can make an application for a gas connection via a licensed gas retailer. Multinet Gas will assess the costs in accordance with the Gas Distribution Code. The assessment will consider the cost to provide the connection, the appliances connected and gas usage.

It may be beneficial for residents to organise and make a group application as this will make the cost of connection more economically viable. The costs, if any, will be provided via your chosen retailer. Please note that some retailers may have a connection charge.

Why do I need a licensed gas retailer?

Multinet Gas is a licensed gas distributor supplying natural gas to customers through Melbourne’s inner and outer East, including a number of Yarra Valley Towns and South Gippsland. Your gas retailer is the company that will send you your gas bill.

You will need to enter into a retail supply contract with your chosen retailer. Some gas retailers may offer you with package deals by combining your gas and electricity bills. A list of licensed gas retailers is available through www.yourchoice.vic.gov.au.

Is natural gas safe and convenient?

Natural gas is safe and convenient as well as being an environmentally friendly source of energy. There would be no need to refill your bottled gas (LPG) or carting firewood for those residents that switch over to natural gas and you can be assured         that Multinet Gas will deliver gas safely and reliably to your home.