Builders Information

Multinet Gas is one of three licensed Gas Distributors in Victoria. We are part of the Australia Gas Infrastructure Group. Our network owns the distribution network assets used to transport gas from the high pressure transmission network to approximately 700,000 residential,commercial and industrial gas user

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Site Readiness Checklist

Preparing your site for a new natural gas connection

Site Readiness Checklist – Download pdf

Applying for a gas new gas connection in Victoria.

• The 3 gas Vic distribution businesses (DBs) – AusNet services, Australian Gas Networks and Multinet Gas Networks have been working together (following on from our Site Readiness Guidelines) to improve the new gas connection process in Vic to make it simpler, clearer, consistent and more efficient for all our customers

How it applies

• Apply for a new Gas Service Connection (SCR) 10 business days before the site is ready (based on the Site Readiness Guidelines)
• Note this is only applicable to single residential standard sites. Please note for further information for specific complex sites and technical requirements (e.g. Shippers, multi dwellings, commercial or industrial sites) please contact us
• Once the SCR is received – we will plan to assess that the site is ready and meter location is compliant, then we will schedule to install the new gas service within 20 business days

When will this apply from?

• This new process is to apply from the 1st May 2021 or as soon as practicable
• Please note that the if site is not ready or should the site not meet the requirements, a site re-evaluation will be required and works may need to be rescheduled

Applying for your Gas Service Connection – Download pdf