Why Choose Natural Gas

Fall in love with natural gas appliances
If you’re looking for an energy source for your home that’s efficient and affordable, it makes sense to choose natural gas.
It turns wintry homes warm and cosy, gives you complete control in the kitchen and means no one needs to miss out on a hot shower,
no matter how big the family.

Advantages of Natural Gas


When you choose to bring the warmth of natural gas into your home, there are so many options…. the enveloping comfort of a central heating system, the practicality of a wall heater, or the romance of a feature fireplace.

Natural Gas Appliances

Gas Cooktops

In the kitchen, every chef knows natural gas cooking gives you the control and superior performance needed for those every day meals or your next dinner party creation.

Natural Gas Appliances

Hot Water

With a continuous flow natural gas hot water systems, you’ll never run out of hot water again! The small wall-mounted unit heats up water as you use it, rather than pre-heating a large hot water tank. You’ll be enjoying hot water in seconds, for as long as like, and all while saving money on your energy bills.

Natural Gas Appliances

Outdoor Entertainment

Our outdoor entertaining areas are one of the most loved rooms of the home, but with natural gas appliances they can be used all year round! A natural gas connected barbecue won’t run out when you're feeding family and friends, and a fire pit or outdoor heater will keep everyone warm and comfortable all year round.

Natural Gas Appliances


Cost savings over grid electricity

While you're enjoying the benefits of natural gas in your home, you will most likely make some cost savings and reduce your emissions compared to using electricity from the grid. And, unlike grid electricity, natural gas tariffs get lower as you use more!

But energy costs are a complicated issue with so many options available and every home is different. Our cost comparison article helps explains some of the different options to help you make the right choice when you’re considering your energy needs and new appliances.

Or you can jump straight to our tailored savings calculator to see how much you can save with each appliance, for your home size.

Transition to Renewable Gas

why we are working on changing gas, for good. We are already transitioning our natural gas networks to Renewable Gas, with our Hydrogen Park South Australia facility, which is blending up to 5% renewable hydrogen into the gas network. You can read more about our Renewable Gas projects and plans here.

A reliable and convenient energy supply

There are plenty of reasons why so many people choose natural gas, but most importantly, is the reliability that’s essential for homes and businesses.

Since natural gas is delivered by underground pipes, it is extremely rare that your supply will be is impacted by weather events or above ground damage that can occur to the electricity network. And with high pressure supply the network can comfortably supply enough energy on even the coldest Victoria day!

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