Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MIRN?

Your Meter Identification Reference Number (MIRN) is a unique 10 digit code provided by your retailer and is located on your gas bill.

Due to privacy restrictions, we cannot provide you with the details of any MIRN. If you need to find out what your MIRN is,  please contact your retailer.

What time will my gas be connected and turned on?

When we receive a request to connect or reconnect the gas supply to your home by your retailer, we will advise you of the date we have scheduled for the connection. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this scheduling we are unable to advise you of the exact time of the connection. Please contact your retailer for further information.

Meter Installation: When we receive a request to install a gas meter to your home by your retailer we will endeavour to complete it on the nominated date. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this scheduling we are unable to advise you of the exact time of the connection

Meter Turn On: When we receive a request to re-connect a gas meter to your home by your retailer, on a nominated date we will endeavour to complete this request. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this scheduling we are unable to advise you of the exact time of the reconnection

I am having the Gas disconnected at my address. When will it be done?

Your Retailer will organise the relevant service orders on your behalf and we will endeavour to have this completed within 20 business days of the submission.

I have received a card in my letter box that tells me there is going to be an outage...

To safely maintain and upgrade the gas network, we sometimes have to turn off the supply to particular areas. Details of planned interruptions are sent to customers at least two days prior, however, in the event of an emergency situation, we may not be able to give you adequate notice. For more information, please call Customer Enquiries on 1300 887 501.

Why has my gas gone out?

We at Multinet Gas we do our best to provide you with a safe and continuous supply of gas, but sometimes interruptions to your gas supply are sometimes unavoidable and we know they are inconvenient.

For unplanned outages, we will try to have your supply restored within four hours. Depending on the complexity and severity of the issue causing the gas outage, we will sometimes be able to have your gas back on a lot sooner but sometimes it can also be a lot longer.

Our Outage page will have up-to-date information on the outage in your area. During business hours, or widespread outages, you can also follow us on twitter for updates.

Major causes for unplanned outages

The most frequent causes of unplanned gas outages are:

1.  Water in pipes

Consistent rainfall, especially following significant levels of drought, can cause the ground to become drenched, resulting in water entering the low pressure system and affecting gas supply to some of our customers.

Improvement initiative:

We have implemented a targeted pipe replacement and maintenance program across impacted regions within our network. The use of a new insertion camera has been beneficial in improving the efficiency of tracing water in pipes.

2.  Third party property damage

Human interference most commonly includes pipes being dug up accidently as part of works by other authorities or unplanned accidental incidents by our field contractors.

Planned outages

Planned outages on our network are predominantly due to works being undertaken for maintenance or upgrades. All impacted customers are notified prior to any extended planned outages.

If the outage you are experiencing is due to an emergency, you can find updates on our Outage page. Alternatively, if you are currently experiencing a gas outage that is not displayed on our website, please contact our faults and emergency team on 132 691.

Can you help with my gas bill?

We are sorry to hear that you have an issue with your bill. Unfortunately we are unable to help you directly as your Retailer owns the billing relationship with you.

Please contact your Retailer and they can contact us on your behalf if further investigation is required.