Customer Service Commitment

We pride ourselves on our customer service

At Multinet Gas (MG), we are committed to meeting our customers’ energy needs.

We’re on a journey to create The Intelligent Utility, a future defined by a strong customer focus, an emphasis on safe and reliable energy supply, and the exploration of new technologies.

Our customer focus is on delivering:

  • Safe, reliable and cost effective energy supply
  • An effortless experience in dealing with us
  • Information to make energy choices
  • Opportunities to make energy choices

Services Offered

We aim to ensure our products and services fully meet customers’ expectations. We provide a number of service guarantees as part of our commitment to customers.

We make every effort to meet our service guarantees, and in some circumstances we make payments to our customers to compensate them for the inconvenience caused by any failure to meet promised service levels.

Customer experience

Our objective is to make the customer experience effortless. We will achieve this by being accessible and responsive, with clear and transparent processes to help resolve customer issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our Customer Service Pledge

Our staff and contractors commit to:

  • Respond to queries, and resolve complaints and claims in the first instance wherever possible
  • Acknowledge complaints within two business days
  • Contact customers to discuss issues within five business days
  • Resolve issues or agree to an action plan within 20 business days
  • Complete resolution action by the customer agreed date
  • Maintain our focus on customer outcomes and timely communication.

Customer feedback plays an essential role in helping us to deliver an effortless customer experience. We encourage you to let us know about your experiences in dealing with us, which you can do by using our online feedback form.

Guaranteed Service Levels (GSLs)

Our Guaranteed Service Levels (GSLs) for residential customers are:

  • If we are more than two hours late for a scheduled appointment you will be credited $50.
  • If we have access to your property, but do not connect your gas within one day of the agreed date, for every subsequent day we are late you will receive a credit of $80 per day, up to a maximum of $240.
  • If you have five or more unplanned interruptions in a calendar year you will be credited $150, and a further $150 if you experience 10 interruptions. Please note that this does not include unplanned interruptions due to forced emergency events, faults on gas installations, transmission faults, upstream faults and third party events.
  • If gas supply to your property is interrupted and we do not restore supply within 12 hours, you will be credited $150, and a further $150 if supply is not restored within 18 hours. Please note that this does not include unplanned interruptions due to forced emergency events, faults on gas installations, transmission faults, upstream faults and third party events.

NOTE: Guaranteed Service Levels are set out in Part E (Page 42) of the Gas Distribution System Code. MORE INFORMATION

Your Gas

We are the largest distributor of natural gas in Victoria, delivering reliable gas supplies to some 660,000 customers across Melbourne’s inner and outer east, the Yarra Ranges and South Gippsland.

Gas supply reliability

We recognise the importance of providing customers with a safe and reliable gas supply, especially during the cold winter months.

We have one of the largest low pressure networks in Australia and we continue to demonstrate exceptional reliability. This reflects the high engineering standards of the Victorian gas industry over the past 40 years, together with the inherent reliability of underground, meshed gas supply networks. We are committed to delivering high value, low cost pipeline services to our customers.


Planned Supply Interuptions

We recognise the importance of providing customers with a reliable gas supply and are committed to continually improving our network to meet the growing demands of our community. To ensure we continue to deliver a safe and reliable gas supply, we may sometimes be required to conduct essential works to the gas network.

To conduct these essential works, we may need to interrupt your gas supply. If a planned supply interruption is to occur in your area, you will receive a Planned Interruption Notification Card in your letter box. This card will provide you with an estimated date of when the interruption will occur. We will make every effort to meet the specified time frame, however sometimes weather and site operational conditions may impact works being carried out as planned.

Property Reinstatements

Ground surfaces may be disturbed while we are carrying out essential works on our network. We will endeavour to prepare/repair the affected surfaces over a period of time, this is called a reinstatement.

If a reinstatement is required as a result of our works, you will receive a Reinstatement Notification in your letterbox.

Reinstatements are intended to bring the affected surfaces back to as close as is practically possible to original state. Please note that due to age differences, most surfaces will appear different to the original surface, such as the colour of concrete.

Reinstatements can often be conducted by a number of third parties, any questions in regards to the reinstatement should be directed to the contact indicated on your notification card.

The process of a reinstatement

All reinstatements are conducted in stages, and only to the surfaces affected by the works. The following outlines what these stages are and the estimated time frames for each stage (please note the details below will differ if the local council is responsible for the reinstatement)

  1. Temporary repairs to disrupted areas (generally completed immediately after works are completed)
    Any debris and/or excess soil will be cleared from the site as soon as practically possible. All holes will be filled and any hard surfaces (concrete, bitumen, paving, etc.) will be temporarily covered over with tar bitumen. This first step in the process allows for the ground to settle before permanent reinstatements occur.
  1. Soft surfaces (normally 2 to 4 weeks)
    Our Service Provider will return when the ground has settled to complete permanent reinstatement of soft surfaces (such as lawns and gardens). Any sunken soil will be topped up, grass seed applied to existing lawn areas and plants/trees replanted (where possible).
  1. Hard Surfaces (normally 6 to 8 weeks)
    Our Service Provider will return to permanently reinstate any final hard surfaces of concrete, asphalt, etc. Please note that while all attempts will be made to reinstate hard surfaces to resemble the original product, there will almost always be a colour difference in the final surface compared to that of the original (due to age).