Time expired meter program

Multinet Gas tests a sample set of gas meters annually in order to maintain our meters to the accuracy limits specified by the Gas Distribution System Code.

Each sample represents a common type of gas meter in our network. Gas meters that do not pass the sample testing have their entire population removed from our gas network and replaced with different meter at no cost to the customer.

The meters to be removed are known as Time Expired Meters and customers with one of these meters will receive a letter advising them of the time frame in which their meter will be exchanged along with information on how to relight appliances. Customers who are uncomfortable with relighting their own appliances are able to make an appointment to have this done for them.

Alternatively, customers are able to make an appointment to have the meter changed at a time which suits them and allows them to have all of their relights done during the appointment.

For further information on the Time Expired Meter Program, please contact us on 1300 887 501.